Questions and Answers

What does the web course consist of?
There are films for each topic, which you and your partner/support person watch preferably together. Beside the films there is a whole course compendium and other written exercises in PDF format, which you can print and keep by your side while practising.

On what platforms can I watch the web course?
You can watch it on your computer, wether it is a PC or Mac. The web course also works on surf boards and smartphones. 

How do I download the web course?
You do not download the web course, you stream it from our web site. That way it does not take up any space on your hard drive, and you can watch it every where you have access to the Internet.

How do I login in to the web course?
You click on the tab that says Web Cours and scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page, there it says ”Buy Course”. When click on ”Buy Course” you will come to the page where you create your account and password. You create your own password and the username is your e-mail adress. There after you make the payment and login to your course.
OBS! If you use gmail, check your spam for the confirmation – some times it can be found there.

What if I can´t activate my web course?
Check to see if your four weeks have expired. If it has you can add weeks. You can contact us at and we will help you.

Can I pay with my health benefit cupons from my employer?
Yes, that is possible. You can post your cupons to:

Profylaxgruppen i Sverige AB
Brötvägen 22
167 66 Bromma

Notify us then by email at We will activate your account as soon as we have received your cupons.

How is the quality of the course?
You can expect a high quality. We put a lot of time and resources to make a good pre birth course in this streamed version. We recommend that you watch it together with your partner, at least the first time. Then you can go back and watch the different parts as many times as you want during your four weeks.

When do you recommend that I do the web course?
If you are very motivated it is good to watch it early on during your pregnancy. The more time you have to practise the better it is. Most people, however, watch it from the 29th week and onwards. At that time the birth starts to feel more real, but at the same time you have margins if the baby should come early. It is good to have time to practise, it is well invested time.

How often should I watch the course?
There are no shoulds. You can watch it as many times as you want, when and wherever you are.

If I cannot watch the course, what is wrong?
If you cannot watch the films, contact us at, and we will try to help you as fast as possible. If it is a problem on our website our technicians will help you at ImCode. Allways contact us if you have a problem.

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