Price, Payment and Conditions


The cost for AnnasProfylax Web course is 1100 SEK and gives you unlimited access to the course for a whole month. If you need more time after the first four weeks, you can add week for the price of 350 SEK per week or 550 SEK for two more weeks (1 EUR ≈ 9,60 SEK). If you want to prolong your access, you need to do that before your first month is over.


You need to be older than 18 years old to be able to stream AnnasProfylax Webcourse, otherwise we need the written approval from your guardian. Directly after your purchase has gone through, you will get a confirmation/receipt by email. In the same email you will get the information you need to login to your account.


You can use either VISA, MasterCard och direct payment to your bank (Swedbank and Svenska Handelsbanken) to pay for the course . Direct payment via Nordea will soon also be possible.

Delivery Conditions

Your web course will be streamed to you via Internt (like films on YouTube). Since it is a streamed course, you will not be able to download it on to your computer. You will need access to Internet while your are doing the course. We reserve for problems connected to internet speed.

Technical Demands

  • You need a computer, Ipad, smartphone et c with Internet connection
  • Bandwidth/Internetspeed: At least 500 kBit
  • It works on both PC and Macintosh computers
  • No harddisk is necessary. The web course is streamed as you watch it.
  • ProfylaxGruppen reserve ourselves for problems connected to Internet connection
  • If you have technical problems, please send an e-mail to or call us at: +46 8 758 02 10

Your Receipt

When you pay for your course with your credit card or direct payment from your bank, it will state that the payment is to ”Imcode Partner AB”.


Withdrawal from your purchase is something that you are entitled to by Swedish law (Distans- och hemförsäljningslagen/ Distance and homeselling law). You have the right to withdraw your purchase within 14 days from the day you placed your order/payment. To take advantage of that right, and get a refund, you must not have used the login to the web course, that is considered to having activated the service. If you have activated the web course you are not entitled to withdraw your payment or get a refund according to the above mentioned law

Register of Customers

ProfylaxGruppen stores your data in a register which is handled by ImCode Partner according to the law PuL (personal data handling law). If you want to know which data you can find in that register, do not hesitate to contact Profylaxgruppen i Sverige AB. ProfylaxGruppen applies Swedish law, mainly the Consumer law and Distance and Homeselling law. If the would arise a dispute of some kind, Profylaxgruppen submits the decision of the Complaints Board.

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