From a participant:

Before the course my partner said:

-YOU will be fine! After the course he said:
-WE will be fine!

The course made him realize his value and how much he can do and be involved. He told me many times how happy he was that we did the course. Thank you. Today we feel very well prepared for the labour - both of us!


What's in it for me as a partner?

"She's the one giving birth - what can I do?"

That's how it can feel for you and the fact is she is the one giving birth. You are not going to have any contractions but you can be a secure, present and supportive partner. An invaluable support for the woman giving birth. If you have knowledge of the birth process, have practised with the woman and know her thoughts about the delivery, you can support her and make her feel secure. A woman feeling secure experiences less pain. By practising together you strengthen your relationship and create a team spirit between you.


The tools you get

  • Coaching - how you can coach the mother
  • Massage techniques - how you can use physical contact to create pain relief and security.
  • Practical advice - everything from the checklist before you go to the hospital to what's important to think about during the birth process.
  • Tough situations - how do you handle critical situations like how to respond to your woman if she reacts in an unexpected way?

Anders: "I could stay calm" 

"Before the course I thought my assignment when Jenny was giving birth was to hold hands and leave everything to the personnel. But afterwards I can say that I never could have supported her as well as I did or had such a positive experience without the knowledge I got from the course. When it was tough for Jenny I focused on keeping calm and helping Jenny back to the breathing and relaxation. I remember the birth process as a nice and cosy experience where we both where fully present."

Michael:  "I was sceptical..."

"I can confess that I was pretty sceptical to Lamaze breathing before the course. But the breathing worked amazingly well. I got to see that with my own eyes. And it made it easier for me since I got a job to do. Last time we gave birth I stood close by and tried to comfort Lotta.

After 24 hours of Lamaze breathing at home Lotta used laughing gas at Danderyd and after that an epidural. At that time the epidural was an easy choice because Lotta hadn't slept for almost two days. She was very tired and in desperat need of rest to save energy for the last part. A child birth doesn't have to be an unbearable experience. From this child birth me and Lotta only have great memories."

Lotta: "I felt pride..."

"At the course we were taught what can happen during the birth process and what we can do to influence the process so it would become a first class experience. We breathed together through the entire birth process that went relatively fast. The midwife said: I'm very impressed of your teamwork. I, who was the one standing beside, felt very proud of myself when I heard that.

My advice to the partner:

Keep calm. It helps both you and your woman. If you can't keep calm, try to hide it. Worry can spread. It is the calmness that your woman has GREAT value from."

David:  "I wanted to be involved"

Giving birth is a pretty tough experience and I wanted to be as involved as possible in this difficult but wonderful moment. The course taught me how I could help Helena to keep her calm and manage the pain during the childbirth, and it really felt like we did it as a team after all the exercises we had done. The whole thing felt like a task that we could manage together. When we got to the hospital we found out that the cervix already was open 8 cm so we went straight into the delivery room. In there it slowed down a bit, but the breathing was extremely helpful. The midwife praised us for our work.


Fredrik:  "In the course I understood my role"

I was pretty sceptical at first and didn't understand the meaning with the course. But when we attended I realized that my role was much bigger than sitting beside shouting "come on"! I felt more involved now, we talked about our target image and got an idea of what we had infront of us. I realized that the two of us were going through this together. This gives confidence to the mother. As a matter of fact - I looked forward to the next part of the course all week.

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