Quotes from course participants

The course really helped me to lose my fears of giving birth. I really was astounded by how much the breathing techniques got me through all those contractions. I felt a strong sense of control and could calmly talk to the doctor regarding the c section after 10 hours (even after having an epidural that didn't work!) In the end, the C section turned out to be necessary as my baby's head was in a face first position and much bigger than expected 4.4 kgs. They believe that this is why I didn't open anymore after the initial baloon catheter. Overall Annas profylax helped me enormously!! Thanks.
Anna Wilsby Frisk and Bodil Bergman Hughes from Magpodden
"Thank you Anna, 
Absolutely loved the course yesterday. We are feeling much more equipped now", Rebecca

AnnasProfylax in English

"I really really liked Anna´s course. I learned so much and feel so much more comfortable to give birth. Anna is an awesome teacher and it is great to see what a difference it makes if someone likes her job:-)" Vanessa

AnnasProfylax - Evidencebased and Practical

Giving birth can be very challenging to think about. With the easy and step by step program that AnnasProfyalx consists of, you will get the tools and strategies you need to feel more confident before birth, also as a partner.


Anna Wilsby Frisk is an experienced coursleader and doula practitioner. The last 20 years she has participated in more than 350 births (three of her own) and educated thousands of pregnant couples, midwives, nurses and doctors.

Her hands on, funny and practical approach makes it easy to learn and understand. AnnasProfylax has been examined in four mayor studies and ten minor. Anna´s goal is to share a concept based on physical and mental strategies that enhances you posibility to have a good birth and good outcome for both mother and child. AnnasProfylax gives you:

  • A well-proven, simple and natural method to deal with pain and stress through breathing and relaxation.
  • Physical and mental strategies to use during the different stages of labour.

  • A calm and informed partner at the mothers side who can help and support both physically and mentally.

  • The partner a concrete and clear role during the birth process and the opportunity to prepare for being a coach during birth.

All classes are deductable as health care -  we will give you a receipt that you can give to your employer. A true win.win.

Become a True Team Before Birth

The course AnnasProfylax is for all pregnant couples who want to prepare for the birth with breathing, relaxation, mental training and coaching. The course is very practical and includes many exercises both individual and for you as a couple.

We focus a great deal on the partner and the tools needed to be the best support for the mother. By practising breathing, relaxation and positive visualization according to AnnasProfylax you will prepare both body and mind for the birth.


1. Group Classes at Karlaplan, Stockholm
Next scheduled course - click on the link for more information and booking:

AnnasProfylax Pre Birth in English 25th and 26th of August, 5.3 (access to the web course included for 30 days)

AnnasProfylax Pre Birth in Engnlish 13th and 14th of October, 5.30 pm-8.30 pm (access to the web course included for 30 days)

In these course the whole web course in Enligsh is also included for your training at home. Every course has extensive course material, training films and meditations included for your practise at home.

2. Private Class
You are welcome to book a private class. Price: 4500 SEK included extended coursematerial, web course and taxes.

3. Web Course in English
Prepare yourselves with our high quality web course with everything that you and your partner need for a good birth and teamwork. Price:1100 SEK included taxes Learn more and book the English web course.

4. Web Course and 1h Zoom Coachning
Many appreciate the combination of the web course and personal coachning with Anna. You buy the web course first, and after having done the course together with your partner (or the person who will support you), you contact Anna to book the Zoom call. Price for web course and zoom call = 2000 kr

Contact Anna for more information: anna.frisk@profylaxgruppen.com

When you book a physcal course the text is in Swedish when you register, if you need help you are welcome to call the office at 08-758 02 10 or send us an e-mail: kurser@profylaxgruppen.com

Podcast about birth

Would you like to hear Anna talk about birth? In the podcast "Magpodden", Bodil Bergman Hughes has interwied Anna about the role of the partner:

Podcast About the Important Role of the Partner

Prevents lack of oxygen and pain

When the contractions start and we are in pain we normally tense the muscles in our body and stop breathing. The Swedish word "profylax" (the Lamaze technique) means “prevention” and in this context what we are preventing is pain and lack of oxygen. In the course you will learn a breathing technique that leads to relaxation. When we relax the birth process benefits in different ways. The breathing technique has its origin in the classical Lamaze technique from France, but has in our course been simplified and developed to become more individual and usable.

Course content

The course contains four pillars:

  • Breathing and relaxation – When we’re in pain we automatically tense the muscles in our body and stop breathing. The right breathing technique and relaxation will help you experience less pain. With the help of the breathing the pain from the contraction decreases and the uterus and baby are ensured an even oxygen flow.
  • Mental preparation – With a clear goal in sight it’s easier to stay on track all the way. During the course you create a target image, find strategies for different situations and practice visualization.
  • The Role of the Partner – How can you as a partner feel secure and be the best support for your woman? You get your own tools so you can help the mother relax even more. We assist you in finding ways that suits the two of you the best. Read more under “For the partner”.
  • Massage – To receive massage during labour gives pain-relief, is soothing and supports the birth process. Together you practice various techniques.

The Role of the Partner

We experience that every partner has a desire to become more involved and to have the tools to give good support during labour. The women giving birth can feel very lonely during the labour process. She has the pain, her body and mind reacts to the pain the way it does. The partner can be the one that makes the woman feel secure, calm and focused. AnnasProfylax give you the tools and insights you need to be the best support for your woman. Read more about the Role of the Partner and what other partners say after the course and after their labour.

Allow time to practice

To breathe and relax ”on command” requires practice. When you’re stressed out, frightened or in pain your body reacts in the opposite way, and that’s why you need to practise another behaviour. To have good margins we recommend that you take the course approximately two months before expected date of childbirth, i.e. some time from week 32 and onwards. Then you allow time for practise, reflection and preparation.

Where, when and how?

We offer a few AnnasProfylax in English in Stockholm. The course takes place a Friday afternoon and the following Saturday morning, total 6 hours, to allow couples that will travel and commute to attend. If you don't live in Stockholm you can arrange for a nice weekend in Stockholm with AnnasProfylax, some shopping or just quallity time for you as a couple before you give birth.

The course group is smaller than our Swedish speaking courses to allow time for bilingual couples. This gives you more personal attention due to the smaller group.

Book and pay

If you are interested in booking a course, please first read our price, payment and cancellation rules , then go to "Book here" above. At the moment our booking form is in Swedish. If you need help to fill this out, please call us at 08-758 02 10. If you can't find a date that fits your calendar, mail us your interest.

We also offer private courses in English. If that is an option for you, email kurser@profylaxgruppen.com and we can help you with that.

A warm welcome to AnnasProfylax!

Please let us know

The English part of our website is new. Please let us know if you miss any information. Your input is valuable for us, so please send us an email to anna.frisk@profylaxgruppen.com with your input or feedback.

If you have other questions regarding the course content, dates, course leader and so on, email kurser@profylaxgruppen.com  to get help.

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